Mobile Scanning

Capture high resolution color and depth information on the go.

Our next-generation mobile scanning software creates realistic 3D models. By fusing depth scans from different angles, our software reconstructs scene geometry while simultaneously estimating a dense volumetric motion field. This allows us to eliminate artifacts due to moving objects. Also, we combine high resolution (>=4K) photos to refine the mesh and create high-quality texture maps.


Scanning in a Studio

Replicate human face and body in digital form.

We capture unprecedented levels of details using our state-of-the-art camera rig. We have extensive experience on dense real-time SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), SfM (Structure from Motion) and MVS (Multi-View Stereo). We are working on the next generation ASIC (Area-Specific Integrated Circuit) rig that computes 3D models in real-time* (25 FPS), which is approximately 100,000X faster than running commercial photogrammetry software on a high-end GPU.

* US patent pending


Realistic Rendering

Physically-based rendering (PBR) with high resolution mesh and photo-realistic materials.

Our team includes top researchers in computer graphics and vision. Using advanced photometric stereo technology, we are able to automatically recover specular and diffuse normal maps. We are also building a deep-learning based system to re-topologize raw scans, which significantly reduce the number of polygons in a typical 3D model.

Our engineers are developing 3D interactive video and magazine applications using Epic's unreal engine 4. We are mainly targeting mobile and online platforms.


What We Do

With over 60 years of combined experience in 3D scanning, our team of engineers can work with you to customize a photography solution the likes of which you have never seen before. Our goal is to usher in a new era of modeling, filming, and gaming that raises the bar on traditional “bland and boring” 2D photography by offering a new, more-exciting, order of things known as “interactive 3D photography”.


Large or small, we can help you design and build a customized camera array. We are also developing a handheld 3D scanner which combines depth sensing with high-resolution imagery.


We provide on-site scanning or off-site photogrammetry computation service.


We offer consultancy on the camera system design, photogrammetry, model cleaning/retopology, texture map creation and rendering engines.


We're constantly innovating in 3D perception. Our researchers publish papers at premier conferences such as ICCV, ECCV and SIGGRAPH Asia.


We believe our technology is applicable to many areas of business. We are open to collaboration with other companies in any industry. Please feel free to contact us.


We're currently in the development stage and looking for capital to help with our expansion plan.